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They should have a big section on using this software, i saw only a 1 paragraph blurb about it in the manual. In order to get the most out of your new gear, please read this owners manual carefully and use the product as directed. Free vox diagrams, schematics, service manuals schematics. Open quick view dialog for vox handwired ac30hw2x 30w 2x12 tube guitar combo amp. Open quick view dialog for vox valvetronix vt40x 40w 1x10 guitar modeling combo amp. Uk 25th based on a ukmade 100w head, this amp was created for a famous guitarist known for his amazing tone, slash rhythms, and liking for silk hats. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. The result is a faithful reproduction in sound and style of those pioneering vox amps of the early 60s. Introducing the new vox amplug g2 headphone guitar amps. In purchasing the swissphone re729 you have decided to invest in a device of the highest quality. Thank you for purchasing the vox valvetronix vt20xvt40x modeling guitar amplifier. Many thanks for adding the vox ac30vrac15vr amplifier to your sonic arsenal. Ironically they also sounded fantastic when used purely as guitar amps, which is why they have endured to this day. In the spirit of rondo music, i have to say that the vox vt30 is a great amp for the price.

I think part of that full sound might have to do with the fact that the vox vt30 employs a completely closed back design. Explanation of the amps and effects vox vt15 user manual. Basically the vox amps, and most others, were intended as generalpurpose. Vox are legendary amongst guitar amp manufacturers, producing a great range of amps to suit all purposes. The company is most famous for making the vox ac30 guitar amplifier, used by the beatles, the rolling stones, the kinks, the yardbirds, queen, dire straits, u2 and radiohead, the vox continental electric organ, the vox wahwah pedal used by jimi hendrix, and a series of innovative. All the material on this webpage is ed either by vox or north coast music and is provided for personal and non commercial use only. Basically the vox amps, and most others, were intended as generalpurpose amps. This setting will compensate the output from the amp model as necessary. Vox diagrams, schematics and service manuals download for free. The documentation included about running the amp with the vox toneroom software was very lacking. Vox amps the vox tradition of innovation carries on. Fender guitar amplifier owners manuals current fender. To help you get the most out of your new amplifire, please. Vox usa korg usa offers product support via email for products sold or.

The vox showroom vox amp and organ owners manual reference page. Since i could only afford one amplifier i looked at all available 30 watt amps. Main features the tonelab st features a power amp circuit that uses a. Oct 03, 2010 in the spirit of rondo music, i have to say that the vox vt30 is a great amp for the price. Another drawback, although by happenstance a very nice drawback. Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services.

Sure it was twice the wattage than the fender, so it wasnt a totally fair comparison, but wow did i like the tone from this amp. Whether you are looking for a practice amp, mini amp or a hightech modeling amp, vox have got you covered. Get the guaranteed best price on solid state combo guitar amplifiers like the vox vxi 15w 1x6. Links are provided on this page to download the assets listed. Vox valvetronix amp vt15 owners manual pdf download. Fender guitar amplifier owners manuals current this article contains a list of all fender guitar amplifier owners manuals currently available. Vox have been making amps since the 1950s, and have a long and illustrious history history of producing products that even the most famous professional musicians rely on. Like vox, they send out their amps with huge volume differences from preset to preset. Vox tone room introduction vox tone room is an application that allows you to edit various parameters of the vox products from your pcmaciphoneipad, and allows you to manage your programs and transmitreceive them with your computer. Ive owned much more expensive amps and i cant say i liked them as much overall.

Vox bulldog 10 oxford 1967 speakers set of 4 scorpion 3. All models compared clean, ac30, blues, classic rock, lead, metal duration. As i mentioned, fender fuse software for the mustang series, enables a whole lot of options to adjust and save their amp presets. Vox owners manual amplifier ac50cph, ac100cph, ac50cp2 39 pages musical instrument amplifier vox tb35c1 owners manual vox tb35c1. To view this site, you must enable javascript or upgrade to a. Traveller, virtuoso, conqueror, defiant, supreme, dynamic bass, foundation bass, super foundation bass. Clean amps are displayed with a golden panel and tweed skin. A place for vox users to come together and exchange ideas. The vox tradition of innovation carries on today with products designed to achieve unprecedented tonal flexibility.

It models eleven amps in both preset and manual mode. To help you get the most out of your new amplifier, please read this manual. Today, were going to take a look at the best vox have to offer in each of these areas. Vox amps the vox tradition of innovation carries on today. Thanks to its effective combination of attractive design, simple operation and high quality, the swissphone re729 is the best choice of receiver in its. May 22, 2017 the toneroom update is here, and we are glad to have that opportunity to show you some new features. Vox amp schematics to assist you with your amplifier repairs and modifications. Once i was turned on to the vox ad30vt i was pleasantly surprised by the warmth of the amp and its features. Ultralightweight design that overturns expectations for guitar amps vet modeling technology boasts the ultimate in sound quality, both in character and amount a numerous and diverse array of tube amp and boutique amp models are provided, including voxs legendary ac30 internal structure thats carefully calculated for powerful. I was looking for warm tone with some decent effects. Vox ac30 amplifier the specifications of the vox ac306 tb are the result of painstaking research by our guitarists and engineers, who were not happy until they re created the amp that started it all. As a result, vox went through a series of owners including a british bank and dallasarbiter.

Therefore one can modify any attribute of the setup. If you would like to lockunlock the vox 60w tc, press the power button 3 times within 2 seconds. The toneroom update is here, and we are glad to have that opportunity to show you some new features. Thank you for purchasing the vox vx50 gtvvx15 gt modeling guitar amplifier. Thank you for purchasing the vox modeling effect processor t onelab st. M ain features the ad15vt, ad30vt, ad50vt, ad100vt and ad100vth use valve reactor tech. It was designed by our uk based vox engineering team and built by our state of the art, vertically integrated manufacturing facility and were sure itll give you countless hours of great guitar tones that will feel as good as they sound.

The sound on this amp was noticeably fuller and more lush than the fender to my ears. This amp models the more highgain channel 2 with the fat switch turned off. Vox needs to change their software so their programmed amp presets can be altered. Keep the owners manual in a safe place for future reference. If you have a copy of an old fender guitar amplifier owners manual not shown in this archive, wed love to have a copy to post here. The vox ac50cp2 classic plus combo is voxs new concept in alltube amps. My biggest letdown with the amp would probably be the slick black, nontolex covered back panel of the amp. Vox introduces the cambridge50 combo 20200107 premier.

A line model is also provided to support acousticelectric guitars and keyboards, further expanding the useful scope of this unit. The multistage tube amplifier circuit in the preamp allows the vt20xvt40x to reproduce the unique distortion, touch sensitivity, and the response that is characteristic of classic tube amps. Ac50cp2 the vox ac50cp2 classic plus combo is voxs new concept in alltube amps. To ensure a long and troublefree relationship with your new amp, please read this manual carefully, use the amp as directed and keep the manual for future reference. Subscribe to get insider information, product updates, and more. Warm based on a boutique amp from paul reed smiths private collection. Punchy based on a 100w marshall head weet s based on a 1968 gibson skylark waves gtr amp user guide 6. Vox is a musical equipment manufacturer founded in 1957 by thomas walter jennings in dartford, kent, england. With onboard effectsamp modeling, the vt100 aint your daddys vox.

In order to use your device correctly, efficiently and safely, please follow the instructions it this manual. To help you get the most out of your new instrument, please read this manual. There is a help file vox tone room users manual vox amplification ltd. Direct fullfrequency, transparent tone clean based on a 1959 tweed fender bassman. If youre connecting a guitar amp, choose the vox, f, or m setting. Please help find the manual for this vox music pedal. To lockunlock your preferred settings hold the power button and the button at the top of the device simultaneously, this will lock in your preferred user setting on the vox 60w tc. Vox nova ampliphonic sound solid state amplifier rare. Vox valvetronix vt40x 40w 1x10 guitar modeling combo amp. I have eclectic tastes in music and ive never played a more versatile amp. The preset mode allows users to instantly recall stageready sounds, and the manual mode applies the physical knob positions just like a conventional amp. Vox handwired ac30hw2x 30w 2x12 tube guitar combo amp. The instructions below are provided as a guide to saving the files to your computer.

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