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In this video, you are welcome to join for a ride on a virtual r142 subway car operating on the 3 subway line. Just to let everyone know, i found that the new aline resignaled has a problem with the announcements. Ive never travelled on the nyc subway for real only been to ny once in my life so my impressions are largely coloured by what ive seen in movies, etc. Hmmsim is a train simulator developed by jeminie which is compatible with bve routes. Hmmsim 2 comes with the seoul metropolitan subway line 2 and 7. You can also find addons online using a search engine.

Problems and errors in openbve by buckysam on mon sep 17, 2012 10. Download openbve tutorial how to download an mta train route and organize the files to the openbve folder tutorial of downloading a route and organizing its files to the main openbve folder remember to always use the legacy content folder to. Most addons come in the form of a zip file that has to be extracted. Nyc subway routes nyc routes hmmsim worldwide routes. Were a self made group of bve fans who have been hanging out, playing games and building a community since 20. On this page you will find the netherlands routes that i have written, and their associated object folders. This new version of the r142 subway train uses other directory names than old versions of r142 that is wanted by some of the elderly routes. The line begins at flatbush avenuebrooklyn college in brooklyn and goes through, among other stations, times. The openbve train simulator allows the player to have a drivers view from the trains cab and operate realistic simulations of the cab controls. If you would like to develop singapore routes and trains for openbve, please visit the sgtrains forums. Metropolitan line aldgate to baker street and chesham shuttle routes only. This is the official facebook page for bvestation and itea the only source for official new yorkarea simulator content.

I am a transit enthusiasts, a person who collects valuable transit equipment and also chillingrelaxing half or to everyday hanging out. I could have sworn that there were some new bve 4 routes for the new york subway. Hmmsim 1 comes with 1 route which is the seoul metropolitan subway line 2. Openbve pics, nyc subway information and railroads. In this game, you are subway driver in new york city. If you have lowend device and have problem with fluency or crashes, please dont rate us bad. With these two downloads, you get all the scenery and all the scenarios. Double click the contents folder, then double click the resources folder, then double click the userdata folder. If you have not already done so, download the latest stable version of openbve. In both alternatives are the a1649 alternative that begins at g19 and goes to a layup track beyond station g01. The trains to run the routes come from various third party sites.

We are still trying to optimize this game also for lowend device, but it takes a really long time. Also, it is recommended to have some of the already existing routes and trains installed, as we will be using some objects and a train for educational purposes. This website only has download links to routes that are hmmsim compatible. The line begins at flatbush avenuebrooklyn college in brooklyn and goes through, among other stations, times square42nd street on. Line 2 in new york s subway the brooklyn line with the flatbush branch line, part of the west side line with the brooklyn branch line, and finally the white plains line, all former irt, for the subway train class r142 or class r36 redbird. The strip map also changes when the train is pulling in to a station, showing riders which car they are in and where stairs and transfers are within the station.

The sound folder that comes with the download has the announcement in 8ave\a1, but they are recorded in the flac sound format. It is my pleasure to report this is a work of utter genius. A few more tweaks, and this will be ready for download. For openbve the elder bve 2 and bve 4 routes can be used. Taking the new nyc subway r211 cars for a test drive.

A 3d train simulation game developed for microsoft windows. The ginza line in tokyos subway, for the class 01 subway train. However this route is highly detailed and utterly convincing that youre driving a train along the real thing. Fictional 4 metro transit new lots local r62 download.

Wmata trains for openbve development well underway. Rail sim routes uk bve help and information firstly, using windows explorer, locate the folder in which your copy of bve is usually c. Unlike other sophisticated simulators, this game is free so please take. The software lies within games, more precisely simulation. Openbve amtrak and njt stuff for your operating pleasure. As requested by jayjay85, here are the line maps for the current route options for the 6line. This line starts at astoria ditmars boulevard in queens. The new strip map for the nyc subway r211 cars includes travel time. Includes 8 car set, 16 car set, and 7 car doctor yellow set. This pc program can be installed on 32bit versions of windows xpvista7810. This page is a directory of websites offering free bve routes, trains, and other train simulator downloads. This site does not use cookies and also does not take any resposibilty for damage. Chasing nyc subway train of many colors new release on 6 express line 22017 duration. Lets begin the route construction with the simplest functioning route that can be built for the sim.

Please note that some of these pages are still under construction. Bve and openbve are free train driving simulators with high quality graphics and realistic train operations. It is also dynamic, changing when pulling in to the station with useful local data. Line r in new york s subway the astoria line, the broadway line and the 4th avenue line, all former bmt for the class r46 subway train.

Welcome to the bve routes of the netherlands homepage for bve2 and bve4. The links page contains a few websites that hosts openbve addons coming soon. Mta new york city transit enthusiast 405,490 views 5. The common filenames for the programs installer are bve. This game have high hw requirements, due to 3d models complexity. Openbve rolling stock wiki is a fandom games community. As some of you may know, i and my fellow collegues have been working on wmata trains for openbve.

The most popular versions among openbve users are 1. It is going via manhattan to bay ridge95th street in brooklyn. Most downloads are linked to wayback archive and other download sites. This is the route the r line had until may 24, 1987. We offer loads of downloads here but currently we only offer london underground routes and trains. Our sever is a place where we can play openbve and discuss about many subway and railroads routes for many major divisions such as mta, lirr, metronorth. Bakerloo line central line circle line district line download all london underground routes and maps east london lines. Compared to microsoft train simulator msts and other payware, openbve is a freeasinfreedom, public domain, open. Openbve and its ancestors bve2 and bve4 allows you to drive any train and route from your choice of many available from around the world. Line 2 in new yorks subway the brooklyn line with the flatbush branch line, part of the west side line with the brooklyn branch line, and finally the white plains line, all former irt, for the subway train class r142 or class r36 redbird. Fictional 4 metro transit 4 new lots local r142a download. Kudos to manuel for putting in the enormous amount of time and effort to generate this cab.

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