Nshadar-kai book of vile darkness 4ever

It was an item for villains only, in an era long b efore evil characters were ever dreamed of. Book of vile darkness is intended for our adult audience. With them is a shadarkai mage akordia eleanor gecks, vermin lord bezz barry aird who oozes insects, barbarian warrior vimak habib nasib nader and assassin seith lex daniel. It seems the plan was apparently to turn this warlock into the eponymous book of vile darkness and read it at people. See more ideas about shadar kai, fantasy characters, fantasy art.

The kingdom of karcoth was consumed by evil until a group of warriors called the knights of the new sun and saved the people by using the talismans given to. Shatrax is trying to find the missing parts of the book of vile darkness. Then the evil society of the book used it to spread evil across the land. Paul bender, eric cagle, michele carter, andy collins. The book of vile darkness is a dread magic tome from the first edition of dungeons and dragons the rpg, filled with dread secrets.

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